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What to Expect During Tonight’s Big Event

By Paul Mampilly

We’re almost there!

My “Secret Portfolio” Summit airs at 8 p.m. EDT tonight. Just make sure you’re on the website on the hour, and we’ll get going at the top of the hour.

I want to give you a quick rundown of what you can expect.

I’ve already told you the Three Guiding Principles I use to select stocks for the secret portfolio. First, I want opportunities that are big in industries that could reasonably grow 10 times or more this decade. Second, I prefer to target areas of the market that are foreign to most people, because by time everyone “gets it,” it’s usually too late. Third and final, I like to see businesses that are developing unique and innovative solutions to age-old problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential solution and the more money we stand to make.

I’ll revisit these points during tonight’s summit … but we’re mostly going to focus on the FIVE areas of the market I’m looking at to find what I think could be the decade’s most explosive gains.

I have two stocks for each area that I’m targeting … that’s 10 in total. I believe each one of these stocks has the potential for life-changing gains this decade. And we really only need one of them to play out for this to benefit you handsomely.

For instance, if just one of these 10 stocks can go up 1,000% in the next three to five years and you invested an even amount in each … your portfolio will go up 100%. That’s a double. If one of them goes up 10,000%, then your portfolio goes up 10 times in value.

To be clear, 10,000% gains are very hard to make. I haven’t even done it. I tend to take my gains a little earlier to enjoy life’s little luxuries. But this time, I want us to really go for it. I believe every single one of these stocks has the potential for 10,000% gains this decade. Once you see the details for yourself, I think you’ll see I’m right.

As I explained last week, the nature of speculation is you take on a bit more risk for the chance of these exponentially greater returns. My average gain across every trade I’ve recommended, back when I first began publishing Profits Unlimited in the summer of 2016, comes out to about 21% in 120 days. That’s the kind of gain most are lucky to make in two years.

That’s why so many of you have profited so incredibly well from my research. But now I want to show you how to start investing the way I DO in my own personal portfolio. That’s what tonight’s “Secret Portfolio” Summit is all about. This is all about upping the ante so you can unlock the next level of my research. I want you, and your portfolio, to level up!

The event begins tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. Just make sure you’re on the website at that time. I look forward to seeing you there!

—Paul Mampilly