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The Final Ingredient “Secret Stocks” Must Have

By Paul Mampilly

Today I want to discuss the FINAL thing I must see to include a stock in my “secret portfolio.”

I’ve already explained that to earn a spot in my secret portfolio, the opportunity has to be BIG. It must have the potential for explosive growth. The second thing I look for is opportunities very few understand.

You can tell I’m making very broad strokes here … that’s because when I’m investing for myself, I don’t like to box myself in.

I go in with a few key principles in mind and I hunt down the “Big Game” … what I believe are the best opportunities in the most promising sectors.

The third thing I want to see to include a stock in my secret portfolio … is a solution to a problem.

So what do I mean by a solution to a problem?

What I mean is for any company … when they are designing a product or service, that product must fill some sort of need.

When Henry Ford invented the automobile, it was a way to get from place to place faster and safer than by horse.

When Steve Jobs pioneered the smartphone, it was an innovative way to access the internet remotely … without being plugged into a wall or needing a Wi-Fi signal.

That’s why I like to look for companies that are developing solutions to problems. To find an idea with MASS APPEAL, it must fill some kind of need in people’s lives … and if they can do it correctly, it can create enormous wealth for early investors.

Whether it’s identifying an innovative new solution for cancer treatment…

Or finding new ways to make every digital transaction safer and less prone to cybertheft…

OR, developing a streamlined approach to an outdated process. In fact, one of the opportunities I’ll tell you about is a revolution in the financial markets that is making it much, much easier for new companies to go public. No more jumping through endless hoops, never-ending paperwork and red tape.

One of the companies in my secret portfolio went public this way a few months ago … by doing this, they managed to fly completely under the radar. And they are in the process of dominating their industry … unbeknownst to the vast majority of investors.

Based on their current 60% market share, again, a near-monopoly … this company is projected to grow 30,392% over the next four years.

This company had the guts to forge a different path … and I believe they’re going to reap the benefits for years to come. I believe those who invest in this company will be handsomely rewarded.

And to think … it’s just ONE of the 10 stocks I’ve selected for the secret portfolio.

As you can see, this fits into my overarching investment philosophy.

I like innovation and disruption…

I like companies that challenge the status quo…

I like visionaries and forward-thinkers that are going ALL IN on the biggest opportunities of the future…

That’s why, when I started developing my secret portfolio, I wanted to find million-dollar ideas that I believe can grow into billion- or even trillion-dollar industries.

The best part about it … these opportunities are out there just waiting to be picked.

You don’t have to go through all the trouble of investing in the private markets to find these sort of forward-looking, early stage opportunities…

There are companies that are currently trading on the open markets RIGHT NOW that are just as exciting … if not more so, because they’re mature, established businesses that have been around for YEARS … all waiting for this one moment.

And they are some of the most EXCITING opportunities I have ever found.

Again, these are the types of stocks I would normally keep to myself. It’s company policy that I don’t invest in any of the stocks I give away to my readers. That’s because it’s important for me to avoid conflicts of interest.

But I’m taking a small sacrifice today to share these stocks with you instead.

By giving you access to these stocks — which you’ll have a chance to get the names and ticker symbols of Tuesday night during the Secret Portfolio Summit — you’ll be in a new league where you can begin investing like professional, Wall Street-level speculators like me.

I’m beyond excited to share this with you.

I hope YOU’RE excited … because I’ve never done anything like this.

I’ve never shown anyone the types of opportunities I personally invest in. I’ve always kept that information to myself … but now, I’m ready to reveal everything.

Stay tuned for another blog post tomorrow.

And get ready for my Secret Portfolio Summit on Tuesday, September 22 at 8 p.m. EDT.

—Paul Mampilly