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Inside the “Secret Portfolio”

By Paul Mampilly

The stock market is a very weird place.

Most never travel outside major indexes like the S&P 500 … many more never even venture out past the mutual funds in their 401(k) plan.

For guys like me … that gets boring quick.

I love the stock market. I love it for all its weirdness and eccentricities.

The deeper you dive into the market … you’ll discover some truly fascinating areas that very few are paying attention to, because they don’t understand them.

Those are the kinds of spots I love to invest in.

Think about all the technologies we’ve seen over the past 100 years that people were skeptical about before they went big.

People were skeptical about the car before it became widespread. It’s crazy to think about, but people thought the same thing about the telephone. Same with the railroad … the computer … the spaceship.

As a student of history … I love to study these examples and look for examples of things that are changing the world TODAY.

Things that people are writing off … things the average person doesn’t quite understand. Just like all those major trends of the past.

Imagine stepping into the past and investing in things like the car, the computer or the spaceship in its early stages. Well, those are exactly the kinds of opportunities I’m targeting in my “secret portfolio.”

Discover How I Personally Invest My Money

People often ask me: “Paul, what do you do with your personal money? How do you personally invest all those millions you made on Wall Street?”

As you may know, I don’t invest in any of the recommendations I share with you. It creates too much conflict of interest, and legally I’m not allowed to.

So it got me thinking a couple years ago … what if I could assemble a portfolio of the types of forward-looking opportunities I’m personally investing in, and share them with you?

Well, for the last couple years, my team and I have been doing exactly that.

We’ve found about 40 to 50 stocks, in what many would consider to be very BIZARRE areas of the market … truly weird areas that most people simply don’t “get.”

I realize I already publish a lot of recommendations as it is. That’s why I’ve narrowed this list down to my 10 favorites. These 10 stocks are the heart of my “secret portfolio.”

Again, I cannot personally invest in these companies. And frankly, I don’t need to. I have a few key stocks I personally own that I have very large investments in. So a lot of the time when I find stocks I’d like to personally own, I put them in this “secret portfolio” instead … so I can share the kinds of opportunities I personally invest in with people like you.

One of them is a company that is developing a powder … yes, a powder that can be applied to any substance and instantly strengthen it. Buildings, steel, machines … anything.

Another one of the stocks is a world leader in its field … but it’s a field no one understands, except for a select few. While its competitors are dropping like flies, they’ve seen revenues soar 66% since last year.

Another has developed a revolutionary cancer treatment that in one clinical trial … get this … boasted a 90% success rate. Absolutely, mind-blowingly incredible.

The rest of the portfolio is just as exciting. I’m getting chills as I write this … because I’m just that excited about these companies. I’m even more excited to share them with you.

FREE Benefit Just for Tuning In

Yes … everyone who tunes into the “Secret Portfolio” Summit will have a chance to get the names and ticker symbols of all 10 stocks. But it’s also very important to me that you walk away from the event with something … even if you never invest in any of those 10 stocks.

That’s why, during the main event, I’ll reveal the FIVE tiny, niche areas of the market I searched for to find these opportunities.

Yes, you’ll discover everything about these sectors during the main event.

There are five in total … and I selected two stocks from each sector. These five sectors are some of my favorite areas of the market right now. I think some of the biggest returns of the next 10 years are going to come from these five sectors. Some of them you’ve heard of … some you haven’t.

To discover these five sectors, all you have to do is tune in.

Some are projected to grow as much as 13 times their current size over the next decade … and frankly, some of the estimates I’ll share with you … I consider to be very conservative. There’s one stock I’ve found that, if it can hang on to its current market share, could honestly grow its business by 30,392% over the next four years … if that happens, the stock will explode higher! So there’s a lot to look forward to.

Frankly, I think you’re going to love this event. It’s going to be one of my personal favorites because this really gets at the heart at how I like to invest.

Tune back in tomorrow for another blog post. I’m going to talk about the three things I like to look for when I’m investing my money … these three things are above and beyond the most important things I look for.

We’ll talk throughout the week … and I’ll see you September 22 at 8:00 p.m. EDT for the big event.

—Paul Mampilly